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Quality Assurance at Injury Treatment

Injury Treatment is founded on a professional discipline and practice ethic that prioritises quality assurance. From the outset our company has dedicated significant resource and management expertise to embedding quality assurance in everything we do.

Quality Assurance (QA) is therefore a key aspect in the strength of our relationships with clients and ensures our alignment with the WorkCover rehabilitation case management standards.

There are four main components to Injury Treatment’s QA approach.

1. Consultant Induction

Consultant induction incorporates a three-month program to ensure new staff are confident that how they work is consistent with Injury Treatment’s philosophy, values and service standards. The induction program incorporates:

2. Integrated Case Review

All staff are involved in ongoing case reviews and discussion with the Injury Treatment Quality Manager. At all times we ensure each and every case is receiving the benefit of Injury Treatment’s combined expertise.

3. Management Reporting

Formal reporting tools are used to monitor service standards and assure progress on every case. Through a consultative process, reporting can also be customised to individual customer’s needs.

4.Client Surveys

Formal client surveys are conducted alongside regular service management meetings with clients. Feedback is provided to consultants as an outcome of the survey process. Injury Treatment negotiates “Service Development Plans” with clients, on an ongoing basis, as a result of both formal and informal feedback. Injury Treatment values our customers feedback as an integral tool in the improvement of our service standards.