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image3e80036ede411.jpgthighpicture3f1d049b93895.jpgLiquid Ice Ice Wrap is the world’s first self-contained, re-usable ice wrap bandage available to consumers. The bandage, pre-soaked in the proprietary Liquid Ice solution, turns cold when removed from its foil package and stays cold for up to two hours.

For management of thigh injuries, try Liquid Ice TM, Ice Wrap Bandages. For orders contact:

Telephone: Chris Jameson on 0401 145 025


Upper leg injuries are relatively common amongst runners. They are often caused by periods of sudden increased exercise such as sprinting.

The two main areas are the hamstrings (back of the thigh), that bend the knee and the quadricepts (front of the thigh) that extend the knee. A hamstring pull is likely when stopping sunddenly from a sprint, a sudden pain, muscle spasm and loss of strength will be felt following such a sprain.

Quadricepts strains are common when kicking a ball, such as a football, long distances. Again, sudden pain, muscle spasm and loss of strength are common with quads strains.


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