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Clinical Assessment and Intervention - Physical Injury and Illness

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Clinical Assessments and Interventions - Physical Injury and Illness

Injury Treatment's range of clinical assessments and interventions provide a comprehensive clinical solution to assist organisations to both mitigate and manage physical injuries and illnesses in the workplace. Our comprehensive range of clinical solutions are delivered by senior physiotherapists and occupational therapists who can confidently link clinical ability and / or dysfunction to the workplace environment and ensure that employees are able to perform their role in a safe and functional manner. This service range is designed to prevent and manage physical injuries and illnesses in the workplace. These services are described below and can be offered by our senior clinical team across all states of Australia.

  • Pre-Employment Physical Assessment
  • Onsite Physiotherapy Assessment and Functional Upgrading Programs
  • Onsite Workplace Physiotherapy
  • Funstional / Fitness for Duty Assessment
  • ViMove Functional Intervention



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